Culatello di Zibello DOP, spellato – peso 4 kg (+/- 300 gr), sottovuoto


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Thighs of adult pigs from farms in Emilia Romagna and neighboring Lombardy. All the processing is done by hand, according to methods that date back to the authentic tradition of Parma's delicatessen. The thighs are decotenned, degreased, boned and trimmed by hand, until the characteristic pear shape is obtained. It is produced only between October and February, in 8 towns along the Po river in the Bassa Parmense, when the area prescribed by the specification is shrouded in fog, a fundamental factor for the aging of this salami in the cellars.

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How to enjoy

The King of Salami needs to be tasted in splendid solitude, in order to better appreciate the infinite nuances of aroma and flavor. For the wine we recommend a medium-bodied red or better still the bubbles of a classic method sparkling wine, which are well suited to the excellence of Culatello.


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