Coppa Tradizionale Stagionata, mezza – peso 1 kg (+/- 150 gr), sottovuoto


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A typical delicacy of Parma and its lands. Its extraordinary softness comes from a particular processing of pork from the same territories as Prosciutto di Parma PDO. The meat is deprived of excess fat, massaged and salted for about 10 days, then left to mature for at least 90 days. The Coppa di Parma Traditional, produced only in the Province of Parma and in some neighboring areas, is protected by a consortium that protects its typicality and its geographical indication. The production of Coppa di Parma has been attested since 1680. It originates from the typical tradition of Parma, selecting the animals in the same territories provided for by the strict regulations of Prosciutto di Parma PDO.

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How to enjoy

Its intensity of aromas and flavor is enhanced in accompaniment to aged cheeses, excellent with a good Giardiniera or even with rocket and spinach. Its extraordinary softness also makes it perfect for a sandwich with good homemade bread. To be tasted with an aromatic white wine or a lively red.


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