Salame “Il Rustico” – peso 1 kg (+/- 150 gr)


An exclusive recipe

To make this salame, only heavy pork from the Po Valley is used in the cuts of Pancettone, shoulder and chopped ham. They are flavored with red wine, salt and spices, then stuffed into natural casings. The salame is hand-tied and left to mature for almost 2 months. An exclusive recipe developed by our Mastro Salumiere. Every aspect of this salame is the result of a careful study and balance of taste. For example, the casing is also immersed in wine: in this way it acquires a characteristic color and absorbs the aroma and flavor of the same wine used in the salame mixture.

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Technical Information

Minimum 45/50 days
Kg 0,9 +/- 0,15
Sold whole or half vacuum packed
Cut and vacuum packed from 2 to 4 ° C

Origin: Emilia Romagna


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How to enjoy

The perfect combination is natural, with good fresh bread, preferably without salt so does not cover the intense flavor of the salame. In its mixture there is red wine, which is why it must be paired with a medium-bodied red wine, such as Barbera or Chianti: rustic wines even in origin and personality.

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