Pancetta Arrotolata al Pepe Nero, mezza – peso 1,7 kg (+/- 200 gr), sottovuoto


A very pleasant discovery

This pancetta is prepared in an artisanal way, with only Italian pork meat. First the rind is removed, then it is lightly degreased, finally salted by hand with the "white sal" process and left to rest for a few days. Spread with a light veil of fresh garlic, rolled and tied. The final touch: a generous sprinkling of black pepper peels, before the pancetta is stuffed into its natural casing and left to mature for at least 2 months.

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How to enjoy

This pancetta should be tasted natural on a slice of rustic bread, preferably hot: in this way the external fat softens until it melts, making this crouton a moment of pure gastronomic delight. Better enjoy with a medium-bodied red wine.


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